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Subject:  How much did setting the record straight on GPL Date:  3/4/2013  4:39 PM
Author:  dragonLZ Number:  395232 of 396

If you were a CAPS member back in 2011, I'm sure you remember TMFSinchiruna's posts "Setting the Record Straight" on Great Panther Silver (GPL) and Silvercorp Metals (SVM), in which he basically was trying to prove that GMX's post Mediocre Panther Fesses Up and increase in shorting of SVM stocks at that time had no merit whatsoever: A Must Read - Setting The Record Straight  , Setting the Record Straight on Silvercorp Metals .

Now, while it still might be impossible to prove who was right and who was wrong, the numbers do not lie. And the numbers say: 

If a person invested $10,000 in GPL at the time of TMFSinchiruna set the record straight on GPL (8/13/11), that person would now have approx. $10,000 less than a person who invested the same amount in S&P500 (Per the chart below, $10K invested in GPL turned into $4K, and $10K invested into S&P500 turned into almost $14K). 

A person who invested $10K into SVM at the time TMFSinchiruna's set the record straight on SVM (9/7/11) would approximately be in the same boat (see chart below).

So what do you say, was setting the records straight really helpful? 

Did "lynching" (CAPS-style) of GMX make anyone a better investor (or a better person)??

Or does anyone think this was a perfect example of (a rather large group of) investors falling in love with a stock(s) when they were going up thinking they will never go down (which I'm guilty of just like the next guy)?  

I also often wonder whether TMFSinchiruna would ever admit that he was wrong about GPL? (Maybe he did, but I didn't see it - I wasn't on CAPs for a few months). 

I know there is still 5 more months left in his dare to GMX (see a "copy" of his comment below), but even if GPL turns out to be a huge winner 5 months from now, shouldn't a 60% drop be considered a mistake, especially when TMFSinchiruna was trying to convince CAPS members that at that time, when GPL already had a significant drop, it was a good time to buy?


#5) On August 12, 2011 at 3:37 PM, TMFSinchiruna (29.60) wrote:

I never say your earlier post, perhaps because I think very little of your ability to evaluate mining stocks.

And here again, if you feel strongly about GPL, let's see you short it with conviction and hold the position open for a couple of years. Go for it ... I dare you!!


It looks to me that the smartest person commenting at that time on TMFSinchiruna's posts or articles was rmondave2 (commenting on the article Setting the Record Straight, Part 2): 

On August 20, 2011, at 1:45 AM, rmondave2 wrote:

Knowing the past history of many of the sleazy promoters, and the thinly traded silver stocks, I had to dump my GPL at a BIG loss, because who the F knew if the rumors were true. Your uncovering of the "holes" does me absolutely no good.

Thanks anyway.

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