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Subject:  Re: I cashed out of the Market today Teacherman. Date:  3/8/2013  10:31 AM
Author:  Teacherman1 Number:  395397 of 404

Hi Tagit

Sorry I did not see this yesterday. I had to go pick up my wife from work earlier than usual, so am late to the party.:)

From time to time we all need a break from this "game", and it is good that you went out with some "jingle" in your pockets.

How about starting a new CAPS character called Tagit2, and put you fresh idea picks on it.  That way I can "poach" from your brain waves without getting my hands all gooy with "gray matter".:)

I agree that the market is getting a bit crazy now and I am holding more in cash that I usually do, but what else is an "old guy" to do to keep himself entertained without getting into trouble with his wife or the law.:)

I pray for your wife almost everyday, when I pray for mine.

She is doing fine and is enjoing her new "less stressful job", with much better hours. She even gets weekends off now, which is a bonus in itself.

Do they still make Mason Jars, and is the maker "investable"? :)

Make sure the lids are on tight, or you may dig them up and find money that has "rotted" to its' "true value".

Have to go and let the dog out, or I will have a "smelly day".

Don't be a stranger around here. It is good to know that this "community" is populated with real people, and not "humanoid algorithyms". I probably misspelled that, but am too lazy to check.

Hi to everyone else, and hope you all have a great weekend.

John, I still think you timed the start of the contest just to give me a "handicap" on my DCIX start price. :)

Lemoneater, be careful with all of that knitting, I know the needles are not sharp enough to prick your finger, but if someone were to sit on one while holding a "multi-shot camera, they could go through a lot of film in a hurry, and end up with a lot of pictures of the ceiling.:)

Thanks again for your kind offer. It was appreciated, but you know why I couldn't accept.


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