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Subject:  Re: Bogus Fiscal Crisis Date:  3/23/2013  11:45 PM
Author:  tomlongrpv Number:  396009 of 392

David in "Liberty"  (wherever that is--Doha Qatar??  Ha, ha very funny.).

Why doesn't big business support Libertarians?  Because libertarians are outside the political system altogether and always will be.  They are essentially anarchists.  Again, ponder what it takes to support economic progress and consider how much progress would really occur with virtually no government.

Libertarians still seem to believe in property rights.  And property rights ultimately are supported by force just like every other law.  Why should predatory businesses be allowed to use the courts to support their activities?  Because of a naive belief that such an approach is something called "free" enterprise. 

More appropriately, the way we live together in a society is the result of a social contract, not "free" enterprise or capitalism.  The contract can be whatever we collectively decide it will be.  And it does not have to be freedom for the strong to prey on the weak (which is the libertarian model). 

Not only are you not a Democrat, you are not a democrat or a republican either--you are just like so many libertarians--a modern day believer in social Darwinism and the superiority of those who make more money.  What's astounding is that so many relatively poor people buy into your nonsense.

 And bbmaven--you hit the nail on the head as to our banking system with your quote from Ford.




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