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Subject:  Re: Bogus Fiscal Crisis Date:  8/12/2013  3:43 PM
Author:  RedScourge Number:  400467 of 392

I don't get how the government setting their own borrowing rates to low levels and then having the Fed buy 90% of its debt is proof that the US is not having any problems borrowing money and that thus there is no fiscal crisis. If anything it's damning proof, because it's an admission that a) they can't let rates float freely for fear of how much interest they'd owe, and b) not enough outside entities are interested in purchasing treasuries.


Mugabe did something very similar, and that didn't turn out so well. Is economics different because it's the US doing it now?


What I understand even less is how psychology has anything to do with the situation, other than perhaps to serve as a cheap way to discredit anyone of dissenting opinion.

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