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Subject:  Re: Study on early claiming of SS Date:  9/4/2018  10:48 PM
Author:  telegraph Number:  20694 of 21407

I took SS at 62 for several reasons

1) At the time, no one in my family had lived past 87. Most had died at 80, some way before. My dad died at 75. The age where you achieve parity for taking SS early or late is 87. The odds are not on my side for reaching 87. (subsequent to that, my Uncle, the 'runt' of the family and a mostly vegetarian, lived to 94).

2) I had health issues at the time......some serious - most cleared up now.....

3) I suspect in the future that some means testing will be done to 'save' SS. Already, they soak you for more Medicare Premiums and Drug Plan premiums if you earn over the thresholds. I do.

4) I could leave my IRA untouched. Left it untouched from the time I retired to age did very well.

It's all a personal decision. With health issues by age 62, I took SS. I'm not likely to live past 87 to reap the benefits of taking it later. 98% of my relatives didn't.

If I do manage to make it to 90, I will have 'lost out' on a bit....but I'm not sweating that. And that assumes no mean testing, no taxing 100%of SS, etc.

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