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Subject:  Re: Study on early claiming of SS Date:  9/4/2018  11:13 PM
Author:  Art53 Number:  20697 of 21408

"Even for people with a technical/scientific background who should be able to understand the arithmetic favoring waiting to take your SS benefit." - intercst

Have you been to Walmart and seen how many fat people there are nowadays? I am obese and even I notice it. There are a LOT of fat people. I think I remember reading that at least 50% of adults are obese? What are the chances that these obese people are going to make it to 84 years of age? The break even point? Diabetes and heart disease are common because of the number of obese people.

If you are obese and have high blood sugar and love buffets and take blood pressure meds and maybe also Metformin (for diabetes) your chances of living to be real old are pretty slim. You get more social security if you start early because there is a good chance you are going to kick the bucket before you reach that magic break even point.

That was one of my motivations for starting SS early, plus it was extra cash coming in so I didn't have to ask my wife for money for gas and food. I got enough money with my little pension and social security, and for a while I did the 72(t)SEPP distribution thing, just so I'd have my own money.

So far my plan is working. Thanks intercst! <grin>

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