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Subject:  Re: Study on early claiming of SS Date:  9/15/2018  8:53 AM
Author:  telegraph Number:  20761 of 21407

Art:"I'm sure he'll be grateful. Let's face it, if he wins he wins and if he loses he wins. It's good to be rich. If he loses he can go down to Mar A Lago in the winter and golf and play with his grandchildren and in the summer he can head up north and hang out with his rich friends in the Hamptons and go to barbecues."

You want to tell me about all the Kennedy family? From JFK to the latest? Billionaires. Democrats

You want to tell me about the democrat slimeballs in NYC - the tax dodge ones owning the government millions - yet reaping fat government salary in the Congress, and of course, retiring with fat pensions - oh, and owning millions in real estate yet not paying a million in back taxes?

How about Bloomberg? I hear he is thinking of running fro Pres.

Hillary? Never poor in her life. Born with a silver spoon in her mouth. Made millions as a corrupt lawyer - and now likely she and Bill collecting fat government pensions from AR, her time in Congress, his fat pension and benefits from being Pres (worth at least half a million a year), their real estate (multiple homes), the corrupt Clinton Foundation that paid for scads of of international travel/vacations from them and family.....

Get real, Art. No one making $20,000 a year is going to make it to be President

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"Donald Trump can't really lose. He's not like regular blokes where if they lose they end up living under a bridge or in a dumpster. He's going to eat good and live in air conditioning and watch big screen TVs and the rest of his life is going to be in comfort. He'll never have to worry about getting a hospital bill he can't pay. "

Neither will any other ex-President......regardless of party. Or member of Congress. Or sanitation worker in NYC or DC.......

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