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Subject:  Re: Study on early claiming of SS Date:  9/15/2018  11:48 PM
Author:  Art53 Number:  20765 of 21407

"What part of being wealthy would you like to try, Art? There are several different elements to that: 1) Acquiring wealth, seattle Pioneer
I've heard it said that acq

I am normally a very frugal person. I think I learned it from my mom. She was a German immigrant who was raised during the depression. That is how I was able to retire early even though I never really made a lot of money. I am really good at living cheap.

When I go to Sam's Club they have these beautiful Florida Lobster tails frozen 2 to package. They are $21.99 lb. I have never bought any because they are really way out of my price range. If I won millions of dollars I think I'd buy those lobster tails quite frequently.

Beef is really high right now. I saw whole beef fillets (what they make Fillet Mignon from) on sale for $9.99/lb. I didn't one because a whole fillet was around $70 or $80.

I like the Nissan Altima. I'd like to own one, a a white one.

I'd like to buy a really nice van, like a Toyota Sienna, and just drive wherever I wanted to, stay in nice hotels and eat at good restaurants. I am over traveling on the cheap. I did quite a bit of it when I was young. At this point in my life if I have to travel cheaply I'd just as soon stay home.

That is why I made those comments about Donald Trump. Even if he loses the Presidency in 2020 he's not really going to suffer. It won't affect the quality of his life one bit. He's going to have a great life regardless of whether he is reelected or not? He can eat lobster and fillet Mignon any time he wants to. He can travel to wherever he wants to go and stay in nice hotels and golf or fish or do anything he wants to. He will always have a roof over his head, great food to eat, big screen TVs, air conditioning, everything and it doesn't depend on whether he has a job or not. Donald Trump is not going to have stay in crappy hotels and eat cheap crappy food. He's not going to have to stop at a grocery store and buy balogna and white bread and sit and make himself a baloney sandwich as he travels to wherever he's going. If he loses the election in 2020 he's still going to have a great life!

Lucky him! That is why I say "I'd like to try being rich. I think I'd be very good at it."

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