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Subject:  Re: Study on early claiming of SS Date:  9/16/2018  11:38 AM
Author:  telegraph Number:  20767 of 21582

Art: "That is why I made those comments about Donald Trump. Even if he loses the Presidency in 2020 he's not really going to suffer. It won't affect the quality of his life one bit. He's going to have a great life regardless of whether he is reelected or not? He can eat lobster and fillet Mignon any time he wants to. He can travel to wherever he wants to go and stay in nice hotels and golf or fish or do anything he wants to. He will always have a roof over his head, great food to eat, big screen TVs, air conditioning, everything and it doesn't depend on whether he has a job or not. Donald Trump is not going to have stay in crappy hotels and eat cheap crappy food. He's not going to have to stop at a grocery store and buy balogna and white bread and sit and make himself a baloney sandwich as he travels to wherever he's going. If he loses the election in 2020 he's still going to have a great life!"

Come on Art. YOu'll have a roof over your house and won't be eating baloney sandwiches unless you want to ......

and until your wife retires, you're likely not going to travel for weeks.

You've probably never played golf in your life, and you can fish all around your home for not a whole lot. Maybe buy a small fishing boat and trailer to haul it, or leave it at a marina for the summer months.

You've got a driveway full of cars. How many TVs do you have? And they aren't teeny ones either from what you've said.

Since he's an ex-President, just like Obama or Bush, they'll collect a nice pension from the all sorts of benefits and 24/7 security. Probably armored cars too..... he's not going to be able to drive convertibles in Key West FL by himself.....or anywhere else.

Right now, he's got folks hassling him all day long from the time he gets up to the time he goes to bed. This meeting, that meeting, this discussion, flying here and there for a few hours.....stress.....

I'm sure you could afford 'lobster' every now and then. I haven't had lobster in a long long time.... had a lobster roll maybe a year ago..... but we have a Red Lobster around here but I don't go.....and you could afford good meat cuts.......

You've got a bad case of Trump wealth envy.

He's 50 lb overweight so I'm sure his doctor has got him on a diet, too.....

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