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Subject:  Re: Pelosi & Trump Could Be Good For America Date:  11/8/2018  8:27 PM
Author:  yosemitebean Number:  2233523 of 2292557

If Pelosi agrees NOT to go after Trump (which we all know she can do) and agrees to work with him instead, they could get a lot done.

It's difficult to see what Trump could agree with Pelosi on that would ALSO be palatable to the GOP Senate.
The most obvious Trump/Democrat project would be an infrastructure project. But that's something that the GOP Senate doesn't want. It would be very expensive and add to the ENORMOUS deficit that is the result of the tax reform.
If the GOP was weaker in the Senate, it might be a possibility.

But even then, the Democratic base HATES Trump with a vengeance. Given the GOP's obstructionist policies towards Obama (and Trump's scorched earth tactics from day one of his presidency), it would be very difficult for Pelosi to sell any compromise to the Democrat base.
What they might agree to would be an infrastructure project financed by tax hikes on the rich and on corporations. But that would never make it past the Senate. The GOP Senate will never agree to pass anything that goes against its big donor base, even if it is popular with GOP voters.


Sadly, I tend to agree with you, which means NOTHING will get done in 2 years, and Democrats will be blamed for it.

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