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Subject:  So there I was..... Date:  11/26/2018  9:26 PM
Author:  FlippoHip Number:  51385 of 51468


I received a free sample of perfume the other day when I ordered some face cream online. It was called "Music Festival".

I thought nothing of the name, didn't look it up or do any research. It's perfume, right?

So the other morning I spritz it on my wrists and neck, and head out the door to work. It was a cool morning, so I had a sweater on, and the heater in the car (this is relevant).

It's a 30 minute drive on a good day. I'm driving along on this empty highway at 6AM, and I catch a whiff of something I haven't smelled in years. Weed.
I laugh it off. It's early and I'm not a morning person, and I just assume my imagination is getting the best of me.

As my body and the car warm up, the smell gets stronger. There is no one on this road. Is there a pot farm burning? Is there someone in the car with me? Am I having a stroke?

It takes me a minute before I remember the new perfume. I sniff my wrist. THERE IT IS! Cannabis. Doobage. The Devil's Lettuce. The perfume is pot flavored!

Now, for most people this isn't an issue. It's a pleasant smell, and the times they are a'changing, however I work on a military base and have to hand my ID to a cop in a few minutes.

Luckily the gate guards weren't the A Team. They were both about 20 years old and completely disinterested and barely glance at me, while they continued their conversation about Fortnight as a second job. They didn't touch my ID or didn't get close enough for a sniff.

I walk into the office, and past a co-worker, who is a former cop. He stops dead in his tracks and snaps his head around a stares at me. I couldn't help it, I cracked up.

I told him the story, and we all had a good laugh. Something about my body chemistry is really making this perfume pump out the "cannabis top-notes" of this perfume.

30 minutes in to my morning and the boss calls me into his office. He knows about the scent, he was in the office this morning and took his turn smelling my wrist. Well, he decides this morning is the perfect morning me ME to attend the staff meeting in his place. He's waiting for a phone call.

The boss is a great guy, and a funny guy, and he is so pleased with his decision. He can't keep a straight face.

So, skip to the end. No one in the meeting said anything. Hopefully the "top-note of cannabis" had died out and I just smelled like the base-notes of patchouli and arm-pit. (It's a terrible perfume)

Moral of the story; Test perfume on the weekends.
Second moral; Never trust the boss to pass up a good prank.
Possibly third moral; If you ever want to sneak on to a military base, be a 50 year old woman and do it at 630AM.
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