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Subject:  Re: Merrill Edge Date:  12/8/2018  4:47 PM
Author:  Rayvt Number:  91043 of 95802

you have to keep your money there 9 months to get the bonus. So I suspect anything they are trying to do will be within 9 months from when they started this.

I've had an account at Merrill for 4+ years. The promo bonus has gone on for all that time, so it's not like they are likely to cease.
In fact, a few months ago my assigned "account manager" got replaced and the new guy called. In the discussion, he discovered that they didn't pay me a promo bonus I qualified for a couple of years back--and he put in and got it for me, hit my account a few days later.

I'm sure Merrill hopes that they can sell you a high-commission product once they have your account.
Probably not. The (very few) calls I've gotten from them, they just mentioned that they offered a stock management service if I ever desired one. No pressure.
On one call, when I discussed looking for something in a certain asset class, he mentioned a mutual fund---that wasn't theirs and was actually a no-load and low expense ratio fund.

But even if Merrill fails at that, they can loan out your shares to a short-seller and make money on the escrow held.
Everybody's got to eat.
All brokers can and will lend out your stocks to short-sellers if you have a margin account. It's right there in the margin account agreement that you agreed to.

Interestingly, Etrade has a thing called "Fully Paid Lending Program". I suspect that other brokers have it, too. FIDO does. But whatever, it doesn't seem to be advertised. Not hidden, per se, just not mentioned. Unlike when they lend your stocks in a margin account, you allow them do so in your non-margin account---even an IRA. But with this, they split the profit 50/50 with you. I bet that if you had a big long position in TSLA you could make a handsome profit.
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