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Subject:  Re: The Milllennial generation Date:  12/10/2018  12:25 PM
Author:  telegraph Number:  879697 of 883657

beaker::"I always have a chuckle at the lack of self awareness when boomers sneer at the younger generation as being lazy or incompetent or coddled."

We don't sneer....we just observe.....need for safe spaces.....their 'micro aggressions'.....their growing up with a 'everyone wins a trophy' attitude.......their being 'offended' by just about everything...... then hitting the 'real world'.

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beaker::"They are living with the long-term economic consequences of YOUR collective choices over the past 50 years."

No, certainly not MINE. It is the collective result of 40 years of liberalism and socialism and the creation of the welfare state. Of central government run education from school lunches to liberal indoctrination in all subjects. It is having 'social media' as their news source, having the Commie News Network and other 'media' that went from actual reporting to being a shill for the democrat narrative. It is 40 years of creeping 'progressivism'.

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beaker:"Luckily the boomers are dying off in increasing numbers."

Not quite yet. The early boomers just hit the 70 bracket and most will live, according to stats to 87 or so.

It is the 'greatest generation' that is fading away fast. The ones who fought in WW2 and those in the Korean war, some who were older and were in the Vietnam War.

The peak of boomers ( born 1950-58) will be living well into the 2040 era ....and nearly ALL of them vote.

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