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Subject:  Re: Violent extortion in France... Date:  12/10/2018  8:40 PM
Author:  BrerBear Number:  548897 of 572981

It was mostly just replacing a big chunk of coal-fired electricity with natural gas as the fuel. Obviously, more needs to be done. Nuclear power needs to be a big part of the solution.

But the first thing the environmentalists want to do is shut down all of the nuclear plants. As long as this is their policy, nothing meaningful will ever happen. See Germany for its Energiewende failure. Shutting down nuclear was priority #1. Now, Macron wants to imitate (or placate) Angela Merkel.

- Pete

Alas! The secret of nuclear power is that it DOES output CO2, LOTS of it. So far, advocates have been able to obscure that fact, but the lid is bound to be blown off sooner or later. </sarcasm>

Idiots of the raging mobs need to be called out, and properly labeling them as idiots. Since the movement has been building for multiple decades now, it will take time. But it needs to be done.

(En otro mano, who knows? Maybe another blissful impact from a large hurtling heavenly body ala 65 millions of years ago will answer the question for us. In a flash, so to speak.)
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