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Subject:  Re: Violent extortion in France... Date:  12/11/2018  8:34 PM
Author:  SeattlePioneer Number:  548961 of 573331

<<The Obama administration also got the ball rolling on reducing emissions from transportation with aggressive increases in the CAFE mileage requirements on light vehicles, and introduction of the first mileage requirements for new heavy trucks.>>

Meanwhile, 80% of human energy consumption continues to come from fossil fuels. That's not going to change, either.

The big factor driving CO2 production is the world wide decline of poverty as peasants who formerly depended upon their own muscles for power, and animals if they were lucky, become wealthy and can afford to buy cars, modern housing and to work at industrial jobs ---lifestyles which are the fruit of fossil fuel consumption.

And I don't see many of our liberal friends giving up traveling about the world in jet planes on eco vacations or whatever, either.

But the good news is that that doesn;t matter either.

As the climate models increasingly diverge from reality, the global warming myth will eventually be shelved and liberals will go on to new fads, just as they discarded the global cooling panic of the 1970s.

Seattle Pioneer
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