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Subject:  Markel Date:  12/12/2018  9:25 PM
Author:  DukeNewc Number:  4514 of 4519

I’ve long held MKL in part thanks to the fool coverage. It’s a well known firm and widely perceived to be well run (and less widely seen as a bit boring in some circles).

Skewed iron condor looked interesting earlier today. 960/990 1110/1120 .... close to a synthetic jade lizard if you can get filled for $10+

But more likely one would just end up with having relatively little risk to the upside.

The spread btw bid and offer tends to be very wide with MKL options, get even less friendly when Markel fades from folk’s mind. You’d want to plan to struggle with closing early and not expect to be able to easily roll at what you think is fair pricing any given week.

Over a couple years mostly I’ve been selling bull put spreads after trading price declines. Most often a few months out. And getting filled at good or great pricing has taken much more patience, more than any other underlying I can recall. But darn have some orders eventually filled at 2/3 to three quarters of the distance in my favor, and not due to mkl trading price moves infra-day.

... why mention again now?
The reinsurance reserve questioning of late smacks of amtrust and some Pro members might be more/less comfortable wading around. I think I have enough exposure with Markel and insurance already at this juncture.
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