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Subject:  Re: Violent extortion in France... Date:  12/12/2018  10:30 PM
Author:  jaagu Number:  549046 of 573447

Fukushima is still leaking radiation, which is not a healthy thing even if it doesn't threaten Hawaii or the US. It seems that there are many reactors built in unstable areas, but I am not an engineer with the expertise that the designers of Fukushima and the West coast US reactors must have had when they desiged them to be safe against earthquakes and tsunamis.


Well take it from this engineer and manager who was involved with the design and construction of Diablo Canyon and San Onofre nuclear power plants in California. Bechtel was the designer and builder for these two projects. Bechtel performed the seismic design for these two projects for the earthquake faults known to be possible in the 1980s.

Even though these two nuclear plants were design for large earthquakes, more recent seismic studies in the last 10 years by USGS has shown that these plants have much less safety margin than was put into the designs. These new seismic studies now show that the new earthquakes would exceed the design bases of these power plants.

Thankfully the San Onofre nuclear plant is now permanently shutdown, but the spent fuel pools are still full of highly radioactive fuel assemblies that need continuous cooling for many years. They should be moved to a location further inland in a desert location away from the earthquake and tsunami issues.

The Diablo Canyon nuclear plant is going to be permanently shutdown in a few years. The Diablo Canyon spent fuel pools present the same dangers as the San Onofre spent fuel pools, and thus they also should be moved to a safer location.

As for the Fukushima nuclear plant design, we all know that they were not design properly for flooding and earthquake conditions. Putting emergency electrical power generation (diesel generators) in the basement of the building is total design blunder. Yes it is good to put diesel generators in the basement to reduce vibrations, but not when it reduces safety of the plant. Thus those Fukushima reactors were badly designed, out of date with the rest of the nuclear industry, and TEPCO was a lousy plant operator not knowing how to react to a station black condition. TEPCO has been found guilty of putting profits ahead of safety.

The NRC has stated that Fukushima nuclear plant designs were inadequate - the impact of the earthquake and tsunami was a man made disaster.

Nuclear power plants should not be built in major earthquake, tsunami and flood zones. Many plants were built in those zones in the 1970s and 1980s. Many of them are still in operation.

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