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Subject:  Re: Top 10 Nations For Retirement Security Date:  12/14/2018  7:29 PM
Author:  telegraph Number:  91122 of 98924

IP:"This is supposed to be the UNITED States of America. "

Actually, it's better if you put United STATES of America. The Union was formed of 13 original states, each of which had different interests and industries and wanted to protect them. They agreed the federal government had SEVEN and only SEVEN enumerated powers.

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IP:"Why should things change so much when you cross state lines?"

Because you are going into different 'entities' whether you like it or not. Different drivers licenses. Different car registrations. Different VOTER REGISTRATION rules and procedures. Different TAXING jurisdictions. Different ways of funding education per state/locality. Different price gasoline.

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IP:"Time for the Constitution to be updated to reflect new abilities for quick interstate travel, television and internet, all things that were not envisioned by the framers of the Constitution."

Like greenie taxes, taxes on cellphone bills, income taxes! about LGBT rights? Same sex marriage? Mosques? POT? Medical marijuana? Cigarette smoking? Airplanes? Space craft? Birth control? X-rated videos and movies and DVDs? AIDS?

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IP: Like how about same day primaries/caucuses? Am so tired at having my options restricted by the time my state's ability to cast their vote comes into play. It's a process that doesn't need months of drawn out torture anymore."

Then fix your STATE ......

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