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Subject:  Re: Impact of Right Wing Echo Chamber Date:  12/17/2018  2:32 PM
Author:  telegraph Number:  122876 of 132632

SG:"And that 40% is strategically located in stupid voter states that benefit significantly from over-representation in the government - a demographic fact that is getting worse, not better."

Actually, we live in Constitutional Republic.....and of the United STATES of America. All those states have rights. Better for them, every state has exactly the same clout in the Senate - to insure that large states don't dominate the legislative process with the tyranny of the majority voting others 'off the island'.

Stupid voter states? Like stupid voter cities like Detroit and Chicago and Philadelphia and Baltimore voting "D" despite 80 years of declining fortunes under 'D' leadership and the stupid voters don't realize they have no hope and no future by keep electing 'D's who know no matter how bad they screw up the city, the stupid voters will pull the D lever next election? That's real stupidity at work. Right?


SG:"I don't see this demographic issue changing any time soon. I don't see Democrats proposing legislation that would shift the imbalance of political clout to provide more equal representation. I am beginning to think that this nation has reached a point when our Constitution has outlived its value in many areas. But change is not on the horizon.:

Correct because for all we know it, in 2020, the country could elect a total R government, and the D folks would be frustrated......and if the laws had been changed, maybe they would be the ones voted off the island......

Nope, you aren't likely to get 'popular vote' to elect the Pres. Don't see that happening. We are not a 'democracy'. We are a Republic and one of STATES.

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