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Subject:  Re: Impact of Right Wing Echo Chamber Date:  12/18/2018  10:13 PM
Author:  telegraph Number:  122937 of 130143

Maybe we should simply assign all Congressional seats by land area.

That would encourage people concerned about voting rights to move to less populated uncrowded areas of the country. Why have cities needing gigantic 100 story buildings at monstrous expense? Having to run mass transit when everyone could be at work after a 3 mile commute that takes five minutes? Safer streets?

Divide the area of the country by the number of seats available.

That way, the farmers would get represented. The ranchers would, too, as would the loggers in most of the western US with the national and state forests.

Simple. By land area.

No more 'concentrations' of people having all the power in the HOuse and holding all the important positions like Pelosi and Schumer simply because of their 'home states'.

Well, we could keep the Senate....but change the House....and Electoral College...that too by land area.

Someone has to represent all the sheep and cows and birds interests too....and alligators and pigeons...reindeer and caribou.....

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