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Subject:  Re: Impact of Right Wing Echo Chamber Date:  12/19/2018  5:33 AM
Author:  SeattlePioneer Number:  122945 of 131044

<<"Oh, boo hoo! You poor babies!"

Why do you have to dishonestly act like they are crying? A question was asked and was answered.

To pretend that the side you don't like is crying is nothing but pure dishonesty in an effort to smear a view you have no rebuttal for.>>

Oh, I gave my rebuttal in my post. Sorry you can't handle the truth.

There's nothing wrong with moaning and groaning about the weaknesses of the constitution --- I do that myself rather regularly, complaining about the judicial supremacy carved out by Federal courts.

The issue of how the lawmaking power would be distributed between big states and small states was a key to adoption of the constitution, and the compromise was mandating a House of Representatives decided by population and a Senate decided by states. You can still complain about that if you wish, but nothing was more clearly identified in the constitution as it was adopted and ratified.

Now if you want something to complain about, I'd recommend complaining about the neat way the Senate has pretty much cut the House out of lawmaking by their filibuster rules. That gives a minority in the Senate the power to block legislation from being adopted that is favored by majorities in the House and the Senate. Democrats have won control of the House, but there is precious little they can do by themselves except vote to impeach Trump.

Seattle Pioneer
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