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Subject:  Re: Question Date:  1/4/2019  8:10 PM
Author:  joelcorley Number:  26197 of 26295


In response to my question mtr wrote this seemingly absurd response, honestly pay businesses by MO because its cheaper than buying checks at Chase or Sunwest.

To which you replied, ??? You can buy checks for about $0.05 per check, probably less. Unless you get free MOs, then checks are always cheaper - and, while I don't know about Sunwest, I do know that Chase offers free checks with some accounts if you didn't want to order third party.

But Chase and Sunwest don't charge a cent if you use their BillPay service - they'll even mail the check for you for free. No special deals are required. They will also guarantee the check's delivery, investigate you call because it didn't show and cancel and/or re-issue a lost or stolen check all for free.

There are literally no advantages I can see to using Money Orders if the recipient doesn't demand them. I can personally only think of one place that's ever demanded payment by money order. And I've encountered institutions that will not accept them for deposit because they are considered risky, so there are good reasons to not use them.

With one exception, the only people I've ever known that used them regularly had screwed up their credit and banking history so badly they couldn't open a bank account. I admit I spent a lot of time around people like that when I was much younger.

But when I hear / see statements like that I just throw up my hands these days... I just give up. Throw your money away. It's yours to squander.

- Joel
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