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Subject:  Are the Rich Killing Social Security Article Date:  1/10/2019  4:35 PM
Author:  billwdude Number:  320 of 345

The message is intended for Sean Williams (TMF UltraLong) about the article "Are the Rich Killing Social Security" I could not find a way to contact Sean directly or post my comments about the article.


My first thought is "You Gotta Be Kidding Me", "REALLY"!

I would not have a problem paying social security on earnings over $132,900.00 if my monthly benefit is would not be capped. Why is the first answer always seem to be, let's TAKE more from the ones that earn more? I mean there are less of them, you (the media, the socialist) have done a good job of making them feel guilty. What's a little more from your big pot gold. Yes that pot of gold that you worked hard for, became educated or trained in, didn't stop at 40 hours, took risks, and never gave up for, yeah that pot. The pot that likely still holds college debt, mortgages and contributes heavily to the economy.

Social Security has taken 12.4% of our wages and mismanaged the fund since inception. Now the answer is, let's take more from the ones that earn more. NUTS! You didn't even mention that those same wealthy people are most likely TAXED on 85% of their social security distributions. That's right, taxed on distributions from the original social security tax.

I am completely baffled that you could even ask the question, "Are the wealth responsible for Social Security woe? Why do you continue to perpetuate the US vs THEM, producers vs takers, wealthy vs poor narrative?

This is the greatest country in the world! Opportunities are endless for those who work hard and dedicated to making the best of themselves. I have been poor, financially and emotionally bankrupt (not bankruptcy). I dropped out of college and literally made thousands of terrible decisions. One day it clicked, I stopped being a victim. Not because of the government giving me money they took from other people but because I was held accountable for my decisions and actions.

Suggest you consider writing articles that lift up those making less than $132K per year. Let your writing encourage and enlighten them to all the opportunities that are available.

I challenge you to think less and how many clicks you get and think more about doing the best you can to provide light on the path to financial independence for the lower half of the divide you are creating.

perserverance, dedication, commitment
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