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Subject:  Re: Search on a specific board Date:  1/22/2019  2:52 PM
Author:  bighairymike Number:  92457 of 92737

You might try a Google search.
Get a Google search bar open: "Improve the Fool" NVDA

The site= term limits the search to
The quotes "xxx" limits the search to that board with the site
The last thing is what is sought



Because I am cursed with a curious mind, I pasted the above "Improve the Fool NVDA" into a Google search and got back two hits

Neither is from the ITF Board. One is from NPI and at least contains "NVDA". The other hot is the Stock Advisor Board. I think Google may not be up to the task.

Here are the two hits returned by Google.

TMF: If there were an NPI/Saul's board Best Buys / New Paradigm ...

May 28, 2018 - 30 posts - ?11 authors
NVDA (tip of the iceberg I feel is all we've seen here) ... Nutanix (ticker: NTNX) - outstanding growth rates remain, maybe even hidden in plain site a bit with the kicking to the curb of the pass-through ..... ITF = Improve the Fool ...

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