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Subject:  Re: Computer Crash - Need Links Date:  1/23/2019  12:23 PM
Author:  Rayvt Number:  273186 of 280121

What does it take to get computer users to make backups of their file systems? Computers, in my experience, have crashed ever since about 1956. And with all the progress since then, they can lose a million times more data now than they did then. Depending on the operating systems, the frequencies of crashes can be quite low.

When a disk head decides to gouge a rut in the platter, it doesn't care what OS you are running.

My last serious backup of a home system took 5 boxes of floppy disks-- 50 floppies. Roughly 70 MB.

Nobody backs up their computers anymore because it just isn't feasible. How do you back up even a 2TB disk? Approximately 8 hours per TB. So, about 16 hours. Unless you want to verify; then add another 16 hours. Don't get me started on "cloud" backups. That's a joke. I cannot imagine how long it would take to upload 1TB.

And these days, 2TB isn't rare in a home computer. I'm seeing 4TB, 6TB, and 8TB desktops advertised all the time.

And people get sloppy. After you've spent an entire weekend doing a backup once a month for 2 years...and never needed to restore'll soon stop doing backups.

I make a backup automatically onto a removable external hard drive every night when I am normally asleep, and automatically once a week to magnetic tape overnight. Also a backup to tape on the first of the month that goes into the safe deposit box at the bank.

Come on! Magnetic tape??
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