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Subject:  Re: Computer Crash - Need Links Date:  1/24/2019  1:39 PM
Author:  hk2 Number:  273206 of 278662

The problem with SSDs is that they have a limited number of erase-write cycles before they die. I understand that the latest ones do all sorts of fancy things to reduce the number of such cycles. For one thing, that's why they come in oddball sizes like 240GB instead of 256GB. There's actually 256 (or more) physically onboard, but the difference is reserved for logically replacing SSD pages that have failed. Pretty wierd to think that an SSD has a fairly powerful CPU onboard itself.

Unknown how much actual lifetime a typical consumer grade SSD has. I think we'll find out when suddenly they all start dying in droves. Read lifetime is very long, no wear there. It's only writing (actually page erasing) that is the wear factor.

An 8TB SSD goes for about $1500. An 8TB WD Red spinning rust drive is about $150. Big price difference. For $450 you can put 3 of them in a RAID-5 and get virtually unlimited MTBF. As of yet, SSD is no competition from the prie aspect. You can write that sucker all day long forever. Write the SSD all day long for very long and it will fail hard.

Those darned kids and their new-fangled hard drives!

Samsung's latest 4TB 860 EVO SSDs are expected to handle writing over 1,300GB/day over the 5-year warranty.

Color me 'not concerned'.

Yeah, they fail the $/GB test, but having gone 100% SSD in my latest build, I'd be hard press to go back to HDD.
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