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Subject:  Re: Millionaire professions Date:  1/25/2019  6:31 PM
Author:  Wradical Number:  91721 of 93697

It doesn't surprise me at all that a teacher could save more money then a doctor. It's not how much you make but how much you save and how early you start. A teacher could start saving at 22 years old with a lot less debt then a doctor who would start saving at maybe 28. It's not about how much money you make but how much money you can save and the discipline to not touch it and to keep saving.
Once I would have also thought it unbelievable that a teacher could save more than a doctor. But I had kind of a shock when I retired at age 62, 3.5 years ago.

When I retired, we switched to my wife's employer's health plan. She worked for one of the big health care outfits in our area, and employees had to go to their doctors, hospitals, and pharmacies.
So we had to get a new primary care physician. OK.

At my initial appointment with him, I told him all this, as he was getting my background info on me as a new patient. And he really kind of shocked me with his comment, "Boy! I wish I could retire at 62!" (My guess is that he's in his fifties.)

And I thought, there's really something wrong with this picture. I'm a CPA, and I made decent money, but not top tier level. I wasn't a partner in the firm, but I had survived a merger, and kind of had my own role in the organization at the manager level. Which is to say that I was a tax specialist in a firm that mostly did audits. But this guy's a doctor? And I can retire at 62, but he can't?

Definitely not what you'd expect. But it happens.

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