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Subject:  Re: Crashed and recovered MBPro Date:  1/25/2019  8:14 PM
Author:  captainccs Number:  71319 of 72444

I wasn't trying to upgrade at all. Happy with High Sierra - just trying to turn the "dam" thing on.

I suppose if the machine won't turn on the backup isn't much help on "that" machine but you can boot up on another machine. That's where the "bootable" part of backup is so useful.

Wish I was smart enough to know why and what happened?

Experience helps but some bugs are just gremlins. I had a bug in 1962 that I never was able to track down. The worst ones are the intermittent ones. My first mainframe used vacuum tubes which had the bad habit of failing intermittently, as it heated up it would fail and after it cooled down it would start working again. This was so common that IBM technicians had a rubber mallet they were supposed to use to hit the failing component to break the filament of any failing vacuum tubes. Venezuelan technicians often forgot the mallet so then would give the computer a kick.

One customer called IBM to say the technician had gone mad, he was kicking the computer! "Not to worry, sir, it's standard procedure." LOL

Denny Schlesinger
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