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Subject:  Re: I overpaid; credit card company kept it! Date:  2/1/2019  6:13 PM
Author:  aj485 Number:  312453 of 312945

It was probably there at least 2 months.

I like getting a statement monthly, but they don’t generate* statements when the balance is zero and there’s no activity.

Correct - there has to be some activity (a purchase, a payment, a return, interest being charged, etc.) for credit card companies to be required to generate a statement, with the caveat that they are required to send a minimum of 1 statement each year, even if there is no activity all year.

So I thought I’d let the overpayment sit as a way of guaranteeing statements.

As you have seen, credit card companies don't just let customer credits sit there. After (generally) 2 or 3 cycles, they will send you a check for the balance. They will usually send the check sooner if you call and ask for it. That said, with a $0.38 credit, I'd say it's probably 50/50 whether they will actually send you a check, since the $0.38 won't even pay for a stamp any longer, and there may be a 'small amount write-off' in your user agreement. However, as HaltCatchFire indicated, I wouldn't be that surprised if you got a check for $0.38 in the mail one of these days.

If your real goal is to get a statement every month, a better option would be to set up a recurring charge against the card every month or every other month. For instance, water bills are often every other month, and it's a bill that you will be paying anyway (I hope!), so it's not like you're spending over and above what you would normally expect. So, if your water bill is every other month and you can set it up to be paid for by this card, and then you pay the card off after you get the statement, you should get a statement every month.

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