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Subject:  Credit score amusement Date:  2/3/2019  12:55 PM
Author:  ThyPeace Number:  312455 of 312702

I just finished our taxes -- easier than it has been in years past because everything was available and a bunch of it transmitted automatically, and holy moly the tax changes made a big change in our taxes! But hey, they want to give me that big of a refund? I'm not going to complain until I see what it does to the National Debt.

Anyway, TurboTax wants to hand me over to Intuit to do whatever it is that Intuit does, and provided me with some information to do it. One was my credit score, which was consistently over 800 when I was refinanacing my mortgage every few years as interest rates dropped dramatically. Yesterday, it was 787.

So I took a look at their explanation of what affects credit score. Two things pop out. The first is that I only have two credit accounts. I have a main card through Fidelity and a backup through Nordstrom. I use the Nordstrom card when I buy clothes and makeup there, because they have free alterations if I do and because I needed to keep the backup card active. The balance on the Nordstrom card is usually $0, though it's $101 at the moment because I've lost weight and needed some things.

The Fidelity card often has a several thousand dollar balance, though we pay it off every month. It's particularly high during the fall and winter when we have multiple trips to see family in Wisconsin and buy gifts for people. We also use it for essentially every transaction. 2% back on everything and it all goes into DD's 529 account, which is a nice way to trickle funds into that account.

So anyway, the utilization on that card is fairly high, and it's the only card that's really active.

The other thing that they said affects my score is that lenders like to see both credit cards and mortgages, and more accounts than I currently have.

Their suggestion to improve my credit score? Get more credit, of course! Here, how about applying for this American Express Blue Cash Preferred card? (I don't even know what that is...)

I had to chuckle. Thanks, y'all, but I don't think we define winning the game in the same way.

ThyPeace, winning at my game.
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