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Subject:  Re: Cast iron skillets NOT pre-seasoned? Where? Date:  2/13/2019  8:47 PM
Author:  stevenjklein Number:  56354 of 56432

I'm curious why you wouldn't want a preseasoned pan.

Because I only eat kosher food. I have no way of knowing if the oil used for seasoning is kosher. It might contain fat from a non-kosher animal.

Cooking kosher food in such a pot would make the food unkosher.

(If you don't know what kosher is, I created a website to explain it: )

Lodge used to sell kosher-verified pre-seasoned pans. Which just means that an independent organization certified that the oil they used was kosher. (It was vegetable oil.) Unfortunately, Lodge no longer does this.

When I originally posted, I knew that a pre-seasoned skillet can be made kosher through a process called libun gamur. It requires heating the item to 800°F, usually with a blowtorch. This method didn't strike me as practical. (For one thing, I don't own a blowtorch.)

But through additional internet research I've learned that some self-cleaning ovens reach a temperature of 800°F. So I can put the pan in the oven and running a self-clean cycle, which will destroy (by burning) any non-kosher ingredients that might be on the pan.

I need to verify with a reliable source (a rabbi) that this is acceptable. Apparently some modern self-cleaning ovens only get to 700°F, which isn't sufficient. Further research is required.
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