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Subject:  The importance of conscious thought Date:  2/17/2019  4:02 PM
Author:  btresist Number:  26672 of 27031

There is growing speculation, even acceptance, on the notion that consciousness is a property of matter such that the universe is conscious (panpsychism). If that is the case then I don't see why consciousness couldn't be causal like any other property of matter.

Stuart Kauffman makes an argument for the plausibility of "responsible free will". He notes that the classical physics of determinism precludes the possibility of free will, while quantum indeterminism only allows for a trivial random form of will. But he also argues for the existence of a "poised realm" which represents the transitional stated where quantum states decohere to classical events as well as the reverse (recoherence from classical to quantum). Kauffman writes: "Thus, at present, we have no idea if the behavior of a system in the Poised Realm is lawful or not, or what that or those laws may be. Thus, if a maintained Poised Realm can be created, it seems to be a realm of very new physics."

Kauffman suggests that consciousness lies in the poised realm and that the physics of this state is both nonrandom AND indeterminate. That is where responsible free will occurs.
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