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Subject:  Libet and free will revisited Date:  2/18/2019  6:29 PM
Author:  btresist Number:  26686 of 27054

Haven't been following this board so don't know if this was posted. About a year ago was published "the first-ever qualitative review" of the classic Libet experiments (and subsequent similar studies) that argued against free will (decisions were made by the brain before conscious awareness of the decisions). "The review analyzed 48 studies, ranging from Libet's landmark 1983 paper through 2014."

The review conclusion was that Libet's study and many of those that followed had significant methodological errors and/or suffered from experimenter bias. The criticisms are pretty substantial with perhaps the most important point being that the review authors believe Libet's claims have not been replicated. I think that at best one can only consider the results of the Libet-type experiments to be inconclusive.

From one author: "To be clear, we're not taking a position on free will," Dubljevic says. "We're just saying neuroscience hasn't definitively proven anything one way or the other."

Unfortunately the paper is behind a paywall.

Here is an interview with one of the authors:
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