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Subject:  Re: Car Insurance needed or ? Date:  2/20/2019  4:08 PM
Author:  JAFO31 Number:  18158 of 18199


JAFO: <<<You said your son was away at school. I was a college student once. I have children who were college students. And I know that not every college student tells necessarily tells his parents 100% of what has been going on.>>>

"My experience is the exact opposite; therefor our conversation clashes. Now you are insinuating that kids in college lie. When will this end? You are constantly "making stuff up" to fit your version of a story."

Good for you. So every child you know always tells their parents everything? Your friends who are parents have children who always tell their parents everything? I wish I know such perfect people (but my friends human, i.e., to err is human) and/or had a pair of rose-colored glasses like you appear to have.

"My point to all of this was stay on topic. Obviously that is an issue. If you wanted to talk about "what ifs" start another thread."

I was responding directly to a post in the thread. It was (and is) on topic.

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