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Subject:  Re: Cast iron skillets NOT pre-seasoned? Where? Date:  2/21/2019  7:54 AM
Author:  voelkels Number:  56361 of 56437

I had tried searching amazon and google, but every link I found was to pre-seasoned.

I did a search using DuckDuckGo on the term “unseasoned cast iron skillet” and this came up (See; ). It was than just a matter of wading through the results.

I knew that a pre-seasoned skillet can be made kosher through a process called libun gamur. It requires heating the item to 800°F, usually with a blowtorch. This method didn't strike me as practical. (For one thing, I don't own a blowtorch.)

But through additional internet research I've learned that some self-cleaning ovens reach a temperature of 800°F. So I can put the pan in the oven and running a self-clean cycle, which will destroy (by burning) any non-kosher ingredients that might be on the pan.

Heating a cast iron pan to 800°F with a blowtorch may cause it to warp or even crack. There is another method of removing the seasoning called saponification. One heats the skillet with a strong caustic solution. The caustic reacts with the oils in the seasoning and converts the oils into soap, which is then washed away. If it were me, I’d spray the inside of the skillet with oven cleaner and put it into a moderately cool (250 degree) oven for maybe 20 or 15 minutes. After that time, I’d wash it well with hot tap water and dish detergent and dry it. You may want to repeat 3 or 2 times to be sure you removed all the seasoning oils before reseasoning. I don’t know if that would make the skillet kosher so you might run the process by your rabbi.

C.J.V. - retired chemist who made lots of soap, me
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