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Subject:  Re: Libet and free will revisited Date:  3/1/2019  3:28 PM
Author:  benjd25 Number:  26719 of 27031

There is no reason why something that appears contradictory to us humans can't be real...things being simultaneously particle and wave attests to that.

Nothing is simultaneously both particle and wave. Electrons and photons and such are objects that are neither particle nor wave.

In short - electrons are not “both a particle and a wave”. They are neither a particle nor a wave. An electron is an electron. But in some situations, when we are interested in only one or two of its properties at a time, we can use the vocabulary of macroscopic waves and particles BY ANALOGY to talk about them. But this analogy is always to be understood as just that.

What behavior would demonstrate a conscious mind? If a person told you that he had no subjective experiences how would you test that? The best you can say is that he behaves like he has subjective thoughts but whose to say the same behavior couldn't occur without consciousness?

Conscious thoughts affect behavior. A conscious being performs mental processes that a non-conscious being would not perform.

Are you suggesting that a conscious mind would make decisions differently from a non-conscious brain? Be careful, as this has the beginnings of an argument for the existence of free will...

Yes, I very much think that a conscious mind makes decisions differently than a non-conscious mind. It is not the beginning of an argument for free will in any shape or form. You couldn't make a calculator that doesn't perform mathematical mental processes and yet gives answers identical to a calculator in good working order, either.
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