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Subject:  Re: Shingles shot Date:  3/4/2019  6:24 PM
Author:  rainphakir Number:  21014 of 21729

About 9 months ago, my doc recommended I get the Shingrix vax, (I'd already gotten the previous vax, a couple years ago). The Dr/hospital/hmo related pharmacy kept telling me the vax was unavailable, back ordered, for 6 months.

About a month ago, I had occasion to be at the pharmacy in HEB, the local big chain grocery, and noticed their sign advertising the shingles vaccine. They had it! I verified it was Shingrix, and made plans to get it after some travel.

I called the "official" pharm... Still didn't have it.

This thread about the shingles vaccine prompted me to get it done.

I stopped by, verified again it is Shingrix, that my insurance will cover it with no co-pay, that it was not "old, stored too long, etc", and I was vaccinated. 😀. I will get the second injection in May or so.

The person administering the injection said the shelf life of 6 hours begins with reconstitution, and she "reconstituted" (mixed) a couple of components in front of me.

Check with your local for-profit pharmacies?

They did say that they've had "back orders", too.

No shoulder or arm pain, so far. I don't usually react to injections or vaccines, so I'm not really expecting any adverse reaction either.

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