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Subject:  Re: Shingles shot Date:  3/5/2019  9:39 AM
Author:  rainphakir Number:  21023 of 21722

Antivirals can be very effective.

Five years ago, a 50 yr old friend had cancer, treated with chemotherapy and radiation and his med team warned him to watch for shingles. At the first sign, he was given some antivirals, which suppressed the shingles.

All I can say is that the rash didn't cause him significant discomfort, and went away in 10 days to 2 weeks.

I get oral cold sores/fever blisters. If I recognize it early enough, Abreva OTC antiviral cream, suppresses it very well. If I recognize it a bit later, Abreva usually still suppresses it.

If I don't use Abreva, the cold sore will get 3-5 mm diameter, persist for 2-3 weeks, and be annoying/painful. Sometimes, it will seem to spread, either into the surrounding skin, or other sores will erupt nearby.

Abreva suppresses all that.

The key is recognize it early, and treat with appropriate antivirals.

💉. My shoulder is mildly sore at the injection site. Last evening, I was mildly nauseous and my mid back was tender. I have NO idea if those were related to the vax.

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