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Subject:  Re: Libet and free will revisited Date:  3/6/2019  2:06 AM
Author:  1poorguy Number:  26741 of 27148

Hit "submit" too soon.

And if you truly believe that your brain is deceiving you about something as fundamental as the experience that your mind can make willful choices, then I wonder what experiences can you trust. You feel no free will is more believable than free will. How do you know that belief itself isn't a deception? Things gets pretty confusing once you assume your brain is untrustworthy.

I KNOW my brain is not trustworthy. I trust it only so far as I do not have mechanical data. There's a reason scientists use instruments to take measurements.

Further, while juries often regard eyewitness testimony as the best, it's actually the least reliable because the brain of the witness is not trustworthy, failing to perceive and record correctly. Actual forensic data and DNA are not subject to such failings. Math/logic and physics are much more reliable and rigorous. If my senses tell me one thing, but doing the math tells me something else, I trust the math. Math doesn't care about perception. It just is. (which could lead down a huge tangent about math and the universe) Which is why fighter pilots (and really all pilots) are trained to trust their instruments, not their senses. Failure to do so often results in nasty consequences.

So I see the causal chain from Event 1 to now, and there (thus far) is no indication of anything else other than physics. "Me" is the exquisitely complicated interaction of neurons and synapses. If there's anything else it has never been detected or measured (in any human, not just me). You assert it because you "feel" it, as a born-again "feels the lord". Neither of you can prove it. I am not asserting there is anything "extra", so I have no burden of proof here. Those asserting that extra "something" have to demonstrate it, as surely as the theist has to prove the existence of their deity.
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