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Subject:  macro - dem president Date:  3/6/2019  3:13 PM
Author:  GreenMartianVI Number:  3610 of 3717

trying to avoid politics here - interested in your views
investment only - I posted this on VIC, got no real response or even acceptance

Let's assume a demo president elected
they take the senate too

what do you think gets enacted?

Highly Probable or not?

*reversal of corporate tax cut - it seems obvious, doesn't it?
Highly Probable

*nation-wide min wage increase (already seeing 5% to 6% labor inflation in restaurants, so I
shudder what this will do)
Highly Probable

*some major revision in health care - no idea what it would be, but some are openly espousing destroying entire areas right now (UNH down 40 to 50 billion on the mere introduction of new legislation)

*financial transactions tax - I really think this will go in vogue eventually
Less Probable

*higher individual tax rates - esp. on the 'rich'
Highly Probable

*hit on Defense
Less Probable (just don't see the follow-thru)

Reason I ask
I think the corporate tax cut going away would alone cause a tremendous correction (not debating on whether it should be done or not) and I know Heath care might be a dangerous place to be (all the stocks in this area were setting up for carnage on election night before she lost).

Again, without getting into politics
the more extreme viewpoints have me really nervous, esp. as they all seem to be gaining traction
most seem to believe that the deficit doesn't matter and they don't strike me as pro business in terms of how I would understand it (again, not taking a political view here)

To reiterate, you can see how this affects individual stocks
by looking at the managed care companies, all of which went down in unison recently
it happened instantly, and in direct opposition of the 'current' setup
but we are one senate change away from anything someone can dream up being possible
or maybe probable?

And sure, I realize that none of this might come to pass, but I don't think anymore would be surprised to see these things happen, and some extreme things I'm not anticipating. I don't think anybody in power is going to sympathize with 'Wall street' types either...
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