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Subject:  Re: macro - dem president Date:  3/6/2019  9:22 PM
Author:  GreenMartianVI Number:  3619 of 3775

The folks who are worried about UNH share price are not going to understand why democrats health care changes resonates with people.

It is hard to be civil about a crackhead cheap shot comment like this but let me point out the following:

*I have a legal fiduciary responsibility to care for my clients. I don't give a rat's you know what about what you think about me asking a question like this because you have no idea what my motivation is
*my clients are normal usual folks
*I've been dirt poor before - went 2 years without any appreciable salary
*most health care coverage has a catastrophic limit; too bad his didn't
*if college education has taught us anything, it is you cannot have a single unlimited payer because then there is no incentive to control costs
*costs are the problem - not coverage

Feel free to not respond to my posts anymore. For both our sakes, I am putting you on ignore from now on.
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