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Subject:  Re: macro - dem president Date:  3/7/2019  8:14 PM
Author:  knighttof3 Number:  3636 of 3717

And in the exceptional case where it was medical bills that tipped you over, it would be because health care is so obscenely expensive, and you accept to pay any amount for tiny gains from services that are not covered. This may be psychologically natural to do, in a culture where everyone else seems to do this and where you don’t want to set any limit on spending for your dear wife, but we shouldn’t blame health insurance for that.

I realize this is not a typical case. But if you are unlucky enough to encounter it, what is your alternative? The extra spending may not be "tiny gains," it could be the difference between life and death. Say there is an experimental therapy that costs $100K but saves life in only 10% of the patients. Should medical insurance deny spending that money based on probability? How about 50% but costs $1 million? It is their decision... even if the doctor has some (major) influence. If they deny it, you should darn well blame them.
It is inconsistent too, sometimes they approve, sometimes they deny. It's a crapshoot (in US. I imagine in Canada you just crawl into a hole and die politely, since you are too expensive to keep alive.)

(Never mind that if you or someone you love is ill, you are vulnerable and prone to believe even charlatans and wildly unscientific "therapists." Though of course medical insurance should not cover that.)
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