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Subject:  Re: macro - dem president Date:  3/10/2019  7:42 PM
Author:  MisterFungi Number:  3651 of 3717

what and where specifically do you see abuse?
I think the single biggest problem we have in this country is outright financial illiteracy...

I think your number #7 is written with your heart, not your head. What would you have us do to china?

My main concern is with folks who are financially vulnerable owing to long-standing (i.e., inter-generational) structural inequities. (See, e.g., David Brooks's recent op-ed.) They're financially illiterate because they've never had much money, at best barely making enough to get through the month. Or they're elderly. Or disabled. Or are barely literate to begin with. They're prey to all sorts of vultures: rent-to-own scams, re-fi scams, student loan scams, 30% APR credit card scams, 25% APR used car loan scams, payday loan scams, income tax prep scams, etc., etc. I see it every week. My organization in Detroit does its best to educate and protect vulnerable people, but we can't reach everyone. There should be (more) sensible legal protections.

And #7 is absolutely written with my head. I've worked with experts on climate change (e.g., at the NAS) since the 1980s and with DoD experts, where the consensus is that this is a pressing national security issue, as natives get restless when they no longer have enough to eat or drink due to desertification. As for China, they're taking steps, even if much more needs to be done. In any event, the US remains well behind W. Europe in energy efficiency. And we must not allow the perfect to be the enemy of the good. Finally, smart solutions do not entail "freezing in the dark." Much of Europe enjoys better quality of life than US does, and with much less energy consumption. The data are very clear on that.

PS: You asked, so I answered. But I'm not trying to convince anyone here of anything and don't wish to get dragged into any arguments. Peace.
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