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Subject:  Re: - An Exact Account of What Happened Sunday.. Date:  3/13/2019  7:11 PM
Author:  richinaz Number:  23942 of 24551

Thank you.

((btw - I've heard that said all my life .. "a car accident is MUCH more likely to happen than a plane crash". The implication being that the plane is safer travel than the car. But everyone I've ever talked with about that is very clear that they would MUCH rather be in a car accident .. at the end of that you are still sitting there on the ground .. in a plane crash your chance of survival of the impact is a WHOLE different story. (not to mention the agonizing drop-period during which you get the joy of contemplating your immanent mangles death about which you can do absolutely nothing to avoid).

In other words, one involves hitting something else but remaining grounded - the other involves an agonizing fall and a degree of impact that is very seldom survivable. I'll bet that pretty much everyone on this board has at some point suffered a car accident .. one hears about detouring to avoid them, on the radio, nearly daily! But I'll bet there's no one here who has suffered a plane crash .. they wouldn't have survived to tell the story. So I've never really understood that comparison.))

You are horribly wrong. There have been a lot of survivors from plane crashes.

But when the US National Transportation Safety Board did a review of national aviation accidents from 1983-1999, it found that more than 95% of aircraft occupants survived accidents, including 55% in the most serious incidents.

A simply online search would show the odds of dying in an airplane crash is extremely rare.

If you have a fear of flying that is your issue but propagating myths is just stupid.

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