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Subject:  Re: Boeing and self-certification Date:  3/14/2019  5:47 AM
Author:  SeattlePioneer Number:  554930 of 584260

<<I imagine that if the person(s) certifying this hadn't been Boeing employees, then it might not have gone this way.>>

Why would you suppose that?

<<That apparently was the situation prior to Bush-era deregulation.
The big change seems to be that the people (the "airworthiness representatives" who are poking around looking at what Boeing is doing used to work for the FAA. Now they work for Boeing. That sounds like a grotesque conflict of interest and a recipe for disaster.>>

Assuming your comment above is accurate, government officials decided to let Boeing manage the certification process. If it was such a bad idea, why was that practice adopted? If government is adopting poor safety certification practices, that doesn't seem much of a recommendation for government control of the process.

And as I suggested, I would suppose that government officials really can't have more than a slight real impact on the process. There are bound to be too few with too few specialized skills to actually control the process.

What we have is government giving the IMPRESSION of controlling the process, while not doing so in practice. It's really deceitful. Government ALWAYS wants more control, but rather commonly can't manage the power it wants with anything like effectiveness. Then when something goes wrong, government officials have a thousand excuses to shirk responsibility for what happens.

This series of posts is a perfect example of that process.

Government is always busily slamming the door after the cows have escaped.

Another classic example was the Flint Michigan lead-in-the-drinking-water episode a few years ago. Same deal -----government at the Federal and State level claims responsibility for safe drinking water, then fails to carry out that responsibility. And testing drinking water is vastly simpler than insuring safety in a new jet airliner.

Seattle Pioneer
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