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Subject:  Re: Boeing and self-certification Date:  3/14/2019  7:17 AM
Author:  AdvocatusDiaboli Number:  554936 of 585515

Assuming your comment above is accurate, government officials decided to let Boeing manage the certification process. If it was such a bad idea, why was that practice adopted?

Because that is what the Bush government wanted which appointed those officials, I would assume.

If government is adopting poor safety certification practices, that doesn't seem much of a recommendation for government control of the process.

That's the way the right wing argument goes. First, you claim that the government can't do anything right. Then, when you get elected, you prove it. And you underfund enforcement, of course. Also something the GOP is very good at. Deny the bureaucrats the money they need to do their job properly, then when they fail, take that as a reason to shut them down completely.

It's depressing that Obama didn't reverse more of the damage Bush had done to the system of regulation and oversight, but I guess you can't fight ALL the battles you would like to fight.

And as I suggested, I would suppose that government officials really can't have more than a slight real impact on the process. There are bound to be too few with too few specialized skills to actually control the process.

No, because obviously the government tends to hire people from the aircraft industry.
These might be very similar people from the ones the industry would hire for that position, but how those people behave in that position will depend greatly on who hired them and whose bread they eat.

Government is always busily slamming the door after the cows have escaped.

Another classic example was the Flint Michigan lead-in-the-drinking-water episode a few years ago.

SP, it is unreasonable to expect perfection in any human endeavor, and that includes government, of course. This is especially true because the GOP is hell-bent on sabotaging it at every turn.
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