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Subject:  Re: Boeing and self-certification Date:  3/14/2019  12:33 PM
Author:  SeattlePioneer Number:  554948 of 584591

<<SP asks,

Assuming your comment above is accurate, government officials decided to let Boeing manage the certification process. If it was such a bad idea, why was that practice adopted?


As a Political Science graduate of Michigan State Univ., surely your professors taught you of the role of Big Money in politics. Boeing simply bought off enough Congressmen and Senators to get the level of deregulation they wanted.


If government is so easily bought off by interest groups, I'm amazed that you place such confidence in government as a vicious watchdog for the public interest. Seems you are describing a lapdog.

I notice that you didn't address my argument that very commonly government regulators are ineffective at preventing safety issues, despite their power and rules, such as in the Flint leaded water issue. You have government claiming the power to regulate safety, but over and over again they are ineffective at doing that. Seems more like a bait and switch kind of argument that tends to relieve business of responsibility rather than hold them accountable.

In the Flint case, you are mainly dealing with publicly owned water utilities, not hugely wealthy private companies, yet the same issues crop up. Have you considered whether it's not really a case of private owners bribing government regulators, and more of an issue of a lapse in the effectiveness of government regulators?

Seattle Pioneer
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