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Subject:  Re: Boeing Engineering Date:  3/17/2019  2:13 PM
Author:  SeattlePioneer Number:  555087 of 572091

<<Now you buy a new furnace and they tell you the new electronically controlled ones require annual maintenance contracts and have a service life of abt 10 yrs. The old ones used to last at least 30.

Save weight, save on materials, ship junk if you can get away with it.

Yes, its the bean counters saving pennies. The customer be damned.

Not in my experience.

With the 1970s oil embargo came a huge emphasis on furnace efficiency by CUSTOMERS. As a result of this, top end gas furnace efficiency ramped up fro about 70% to 92% with the rapid development of condensing gas furnaces.

In recent years, continued (and misplaced, in my opinion) CUSTOMER emphasis on even higher efficiency has resulted in gas furnaces with efficiency levels of 97% But the marginal increase from 92% to 97% has required much more complex and expensive parts, far greater difficulties in reliability and maintenance, and a shorter useful life before all those expensive parts start failing, causing reliability issues.

In my opinion as a now retired gas appliance repairman, the best choice for a gas furnace is still one of those 92% furnaces, the best balance between efficiency, reliability and economy.

But all that was mainly driven by CUSTOMER DEMAND, not some effort by manufacturers to chisel customers.

In short, efficiency can be oversold, and often is to many consumers these days.

Seattle Pioneer
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