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Subject:  Re: Why no more Stock Splits Date:  3/19/2019  8:09 AM
Author:  JeanDavid Number:  279708 of 283100

Thank you. Was aware of most facets of your comments, but appreciated the line "One trap many fools fall into is thinking too much about how many shares they own and not enough about the value of those shares. They think they are somehow doing better buying a lot of shares of cheaply priced stocks rather than just a few shares of more expensive companies." The psychology of buying stocks with larger unit values feels more daunting.

True enough, but when I first started investing seriously, about the time I discovered The Motley Fool and read their first book, I also read Lowenstein's book about Warren Buffett* and thought I would like to get him to manage my investments. Since he did not take private clients, the only way I could get him to work for me was to buy a few shares of what is now BRK.A @$32,000 a share with about 1/4 of my capital. I have made more money with those shares than any other investment I have ever made. I have those shares in my safe deposit box at my bank. I had thought to have one of them framed and put on my wall at home, but I do not have the nerve to do that.

If I needed some of that money, I guess I would convert one share at a time into B-shares and sell as many as I needed to. Another option would be get a loan from my credit union and use a share as collateral. Right now, those shares are going for about $310,000.

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