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Subject:  Re: A shot every 15 seconds Date:  3/20/2019  4:04 AM
Author:  SeattlePioneer Number:  555203 of 592585

<<I would suspect that the musketeers were on top of a wall, or behind ranks of pikes, because a matchlock is a pretty fiddly bit of kit. >>

Good guess:

"The situation was desperate. If the Ottomans gained a toe hold at the top of the cavernous gap [blown in the wall by mines and cannon fire] in the wall they would be impossible to dislodge. The officers and sergeants quickly rallied their men, setting some to make an improvised redoubt.... while in front stood three files of men standing shoulder to shoulder, who fired down, then turned off to each side to reload and then enter the firing line again. They managed to keep up a near continuous barrage of fire possible only because so many musketeers were at hand. Cheveaux de frise were hurriedly assembled and pushed to the edge of the breach, creating an emergency field fortification. Some were also pushed down into the breach ; several Turks were impaled on the spear points as they tried to scramble over them."

"The Enemy at the Gate," Andrew Wheatcroft c. 2008

A description of how narrowly Christian Europe managed to survive.

In the end the siege of Vienna was relieved by the last minute arrival of a Polish army.

But it was a very narrow thing, as was the Battle of Tours and the naval battle of Lepanto. It's a wonder that a Christian Europe survived long enough to thrive.

This is the heritage we are throwing away today.

Seattle Pioneer
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